What Makes a Great Entertainer?

Most people at some point in their lives encounter a great entertainer, unless of course they live under a rock. And, most of those people if they’re lucky enough get to see more than one. Most everyone instinctively knows a great entertainer when they see one however, do they really know what goes into making one?Based on my experience it’s not an accident that some entertainers stand out from the crowd. It’s based on a carefully laid out plan that includes; stage presence, humility, confidence, mental preparation, natural talent, experience and one secret ingredient.Did you know that the number one fear in North America is public speaking? The only way to alleviate that fear is with practice. Public speaking or any type of performance in front of an audience takes practice. It’s not just about what to say or do, it’s about how to say or do it. Most great entertainers know that it’s far less important what you say or do, it’s how you say or do it.So, how do you learn how to give a great performance? Well, the first thing you need is the right information. It always amazes me how few people know how to interact with an audience. It’s not just about being confident it’s about where to stand, how to stand, when to speak, how to speak, body language, how to move and how to address the audience. This type of information starts with a template. There actually is a template for giving any type of presentation. Most great entertainers know this. They do not wing it.For example, there is a template just for the introduction which includes things like; how to take the stage, what to say first, asking enrolling questions, earning the right and strategically letting the audience what the presentation is all about and what’s in store for me. While this may seem like a simple thing, it’s not. An entertainer needs to know exactly how to perform each one of these steps. It’s not enough just to know the steps, you need to know how to deliver them.Then, once you have the template down the hardest part comes next; how to put your personality into the template. This is the part that takes the most practice. I remember when I first put the template into practice it was nothing short of a disaster. Why? Because, I tried to be someone that I’m not. An audience can see right through that. I needed to find myself within the template and learn how to be me while still covering all of the things I need to do to connect with the audience.Ok, so let’s say you’ve mastered the template and can deliver it in your own style and personality. What else do you need to know? Just this; the audience is the star! That’s the secret ingredient. Without it, you can never hope to be a great entertainer. And, that’s the biggest mistake that most upcoming performers do not understand. It’s all about the audience. In fact, the more you make it about the audience the more success as a great entertainer you’ll have.The last thing an audience wants to see is some ego maniac artist take the stage and make it all about them. For example; if the artists performs what they want and say what they want with little regard for what the audience wants. That’s so wrong on so many levels. How to do you make it about the audience? Use the template. The template teaches you how to interact with them instead of performing down to them. If the audience sees you at their level the more success you’ll have.A combination of the perfect performance template, experience and making the audience the star will propel any career beyond normal expectation. Just remember to get the right information from the right people. How? Go to someone who’s already doing it and ask them. It’s as simple as that.

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